Liquid fertilizer compatibility/ 2x2x2 ideas 2021 program: 8 gal UAN 4 gal ATS 1 gal Boric Acid. 2022 I'd like to add Ammoniated Zinc to the mix at .25 - 2 GPA. I know it mixes with UAN and ATS but not sure on Boric acid. I'd also like to try adding some 10-34-0 and KTS for trials. Anyone have experience with a mix like this or have a resource for compatability? Any thoughts on the mix? Also noticed very little uptake of boron even with a gal banded 2x2x2. My tissue samples without ran around 6 ppm and with were 7-10 ppm. Thoughts?

Posted by tonyengelstad at 2022-10-15 20:36:36 UTC