Here are Mr. Cooks 4 R’s for agricultural Emphasis.. But before the 4R’s, an explanation of the pictures. Pictures are of an Idaho Dryland winter wheat crop. That has 2 of the 4 R’s cycling favorably, the other two R’s TBD. We deployed mineral nutrition+Carbon+Biology at the time of planting which constitutes a practical application to induce these benifical biological functions. The 4 R’s for agricultural Emphasis.. 1. RhizoSheath 2. Rhizophagy 3. Return on Investment 4. Repeat. RhizoSheathing and Rhizophagy are fundamental benifits of a healthy and biologically functional soil. As you actively manage for these two R’s. Your effort and emphasis will generate a favorable ROI for the long term. If steps 1,2,3 are successful. Launch No. 4 for another go. Sorry everybody, “R”egenerative didn’t make the cut.

Posted by jaredcook7250 at 2022-09-28 13:15:17 UTC