I am once again impressed with the Arable mark 2. the data reporting functions of Arables dashboard have proven extremely valuable as I have gone back looking at our agronomic influence this season on chlorophyll levels.. A farm goal for @Blake Matthews and I was to literally increase Chlorophyll in his potato crop. July 18-Aug 10 we cranked out the chlorophyll. Today, You can see it in the crop size and quality 💪🏻💪🏻 harvest gonna be fun!! What I learned it’s not as easy as applying a chlorophyll enhancing product to boost chlorophyll. During vegatative growth it takes allot of effort to keep the plant satisfied nutritionally and on leading end of chlorophyll content. Lastly when natural scenesence kicks in, chlorophyll declines fast and it takes even more effort to try and maintain it. But It’s totally worth the effort!! I have a new appreciation for sensor technology in agriculture. I’ve wanted this type of technology for years to validate our efforts in advanced nutrient management, I’m thrilled with what we are learning. And the nutrient strategies we are perfecting.

Posted by jaredcook7250 at 2022-09-14 04:11:56 UTC