Starting to notice on my weekly tissues, fields where nitrogen levels are crashing along with phosphorus on r1-r2 corn. I have multiple fields showing this. In the past I’ve seen this same thing on corn at this stage and the yields are still good at the end of the year. I think a lot of it comes back to the potential of the crop at this stage and a lack of energy to fully sustain it. The micros (mainly iron and manganese in my case but I think zinc plays into this as well) are always lacking in these situations so that tells me a lack of photosynthesis is occurring and less sugar is being put into the system. Hence a lack of exudates and as a result a lack of NPK and S into the plant. What’s the 365 community’s thoughts. FYI the 2 samples are from the same field same variety. Just have them both for comparison.

Posted by derek_porter at 2022-07-26 14:19:14 UTC