You all know the 3 influences of yield in wheat.. 1. Tillering 2. Kernals per head kernals per spike 3. Kernal density. 1. We achieved a desirable tiller number for this Hard white spring wheat variety. 2. We focused on driving past the status quo kernal number of 2-3 kernals per spike and landed at a consistent 4-5 kernals per spike. 3. Now focusing on kernal Density. Packing carbohydrate into each kernal via effective photosynthesis. We are doing our part with mineral nutrition in hopes Mother Nature favors us and provides clear blue skies and lots of radiant energy. A clear focus and agronomic execution is taking us to a stellar crop. Best wishes for a successful harvest everybody.

Posted by jaredcook7250 at 2022-07-14 19:23:38 UTC