Happy Tuesday everyone! 🌽 We are off to the races in Northern Colorado with corn just starting to pop out of the ground at VE-V1! What an exciting time of the year! Here are some photos I captured the past evenings! Make sure we are scouting! 🌱🔎 Scout for these Common Pests and Diseases: -Brown Stink Bug (VE-V4) -Corn Flea Beetle (During the first three weeks after VE and again in early R stages.) -Goss’s Wilt (VE through R6. Disease primarily found in Nebraska and portions of other western states.) -Seed Corn Maggot (Planting to VE) -Stewart’s Wilt (Disease is initiated with corn flea beetle feeding from VE to V5.)

Posted by frienzedfarmer at 2022-05-10 15:46:26 UTC