Trying to figure out what I can safely do this year with my spring fertility. Looking at spraying: 10-15 gallons of 28% Then with shallow spring strip till through DAWN pluribus units using blending tubes hours ahead of the planter: 80# urea 120# MESZ (12-40-0-10S-1Zn) 80# gypsum 40# KCL 5# Mn Sulfate Strip till liquid #1 through banding tubes (roughly 2 by 2 placement): Water 4# Solubor Strip liquid #2 dropped down same banding tube (roughly 2 by 2): 4 gallons of CaCl In furrow: 4 gallons food grade 3-18-18 1 quart EDTA Mn 1# sugar 1 quart fulvic acid We have CEC’s of 12-40 OM 2.5+ Should I have any concerns about seed safety or root burning with this plan?

Posted by jkreuziger at 2022-04-03 18:45:22 UTC