Good morning everyone, I want to conduct some personal research that I am interested in about the importance of light for crop production and how it relates to pathogen defense, growth stimulation, enhanced plant health, and other critical drivers of agronomy. I think I will grow corn in darkness, undergrowth lights, and then maybe somewhere else too… does anyone have suggestions to make this experiment better, more agronomic, more exciting, or a method that would be better for achieving this? Topics I am focusing on: * Growing corn in the dark vs. light (far-red light, * the importance of photochemistry against pathogen attack, * phytochrome, chlorophyll production * the importance of light on crop production for photosynthetic needs * maintaining plant health and how to enhance photosynthetic production in crops genetically or the physiology Any research, ideas, opinions, questions, or suggestions I would love to hear! I enjoy communicating with everyone in this community! Thanks and have a great weekend!

Posted by frienzedfarmer at 2022-04-02 13:33:59 UTC