Hi everyone, I am doing a research project for school and would love your advice, thoughts, or general information on the questions listed below if you would have a moment! I am curious to see what surfaces in the conversation! Thank you! -Plant Physiology in Response to Pathogen Attack Question 1: A plant can detect when a foreign molecule is trying to control how a cell is operating. The hypersensitive response is triggered and threat of infection is certain, the plant can amplify defenses against a broad range of pathogens for an extended period. This is called systematic acquired resistance (SAR). How do you believe SAR can be implemented into the future of crop genomes and research? Question 2: Do you think that qualitative or quantitive resistance in agricultural crops could lead to better control of pathogens? Why or why not? What research provides back up to your answer? Question 3: How has systematic acquired resistance (SAR) allowed reducing yield by early disease distance priming?

Posted by frienzedfarmer at 2022-03-18 00:41:44 UTC