Hey everyone, my first post here so I hope it hasn’t been discussed endlessly! What’s everyone’s opinions on in-furrow applications? Is it a good place for fertilizer? Is it only good for things like PGRs/Humic and fulvics/micronutrients? Or is a combination of both or other products like Xyway or PB ProveN all work well? Trying to figure out how many $/ac I should spend here. We’ve tried several products here in northeast SD in our in-furrow over the years but I struggle to see consistency..maybe I haven’t had the right products/combinations. Any input or suggestions is greatly appreciated, thank you and happy thanksgiving! Ps. We don’t have a 2x2 system on our planter. CECs are mostly 13-20s with areas up into the high 30s. Fairly good OM, 3-5 on most acres. No irrigation.

Posted by nastrom83 at 2021-11-25 16:02:39 UTC