Idaho dryland wheat update. Caught 1.5” rain over last 2 weeks. Subsoil moisture is looking terrific. We have focused on growing a big robust root system starting with a biological seed treat. No fertility applied to date. Been trying to scavenge what’s in the soil in available form. Indicator soil test showed plenty of N P K S to get us going. We got roots reaching 11-13” deep into subsoil. Rhizosheathing on roots has never been better. Tissue results are looking solid. Sending the third tissue to the lab today. Can’t wait to compare it to previous results in 365 program. Gonna enjoy this crop while we can, winter is coming.. I am super please with this crop. Start Strong, Finish Stronger!!!! Stay tuned for more progress

Posted by jaredcook7250 at 2021-11-03 03:52:11 UTC