I want to know what you all think: Do all soils have everything needed to succeed? POV 1: There is no soil on this planet that lacks the nutrients necessary to grow plants. POV 2: It’s a generality. Some soils like sand have silica and oxygen in it, but lack the mineral micronutrients. But if you look at agricultural soils in most parts of the world, the stuff needed to grow plants is in there. POV 3: Depth is key. In the top six inches? Top 24 feet like Elaine Ingham states? Agricultural soils pull from the top 6 inches. What if your soil is tight? No O2, no microbe respiration. No access of nutrients; therefore, nutrients need to be added. Drop your thoughts below ⬇️

Posted by Kristina Reindl at 2021-10-20 13:56:57 UTC