Working with NLAL and 365 has been eye opening for honing in on fertility efficiencies and our area of west central Illinois we have a real problem delivering K to the plant later in the season..Y dropped soybean @ R3 with 8 gal melted 18% urea, 8 gal 8 0 0 9 AMS, 8 gal 0 0 12 potash solution, 1 gal 12% hydra hume, biomate 10oz....much better plant health and stay green even with such a late application. 3 replica strips average 86.5 bpa 12.6% treated 76.1 bpa 9.8% untreated Might add that last year we had no yeild differences with this program due to a dry August/ early September..damn glad we gave it another go this year!

Posted by frese86 at 2021-10-02 19:42:15 UTC